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Our Investment Approach

Our advisors* develop customized, investment plans in the "growth/income" area of the markets, including the "fixed- income" bond markets for our conservative investment clients.

Our goal is to develop a "total return" investment strategy that match up with our client's long-term investment and financial planning goals. We are focused on long term "goal based" investing for our clients and not the latest market trend or hot sector investment themes.

We also focus on conservative income streams from tax-free municipal bonds, corporate bonds, US Treasury bonds, fixed annuities and FDIC insured CD's.

After first assessing our client's investment risk tolerance through the use of our Riskalyze(r) program, and after determining the client's long term financial needs and goals, we customize the investment portfolio to match up with their Riskalyze (r) profile number. Then we use our experience and investment approach to implement the investment strategy to align with the client's risk model, retirement timeframe and stated planning goals.

Our long-term investment approach has been developed over the past 35+ years of experience in the financial services and investment industry. Our focus on 'total return" and "hub & spoke" strategies using dividend paying stocks, long term growth strategies, income producing mutual funds, growth/income focused exchange traded funds (ETF's) along with income streams from municipal and corporate bonds, has provided a long-term, "total return"  investment approach that helps our clients build wealth and provide for income in their retirement years.

*Advisors are Registered Representatives and Investment Advisor Representatives of United Planners

For more information about our firm and the services we offer, send us a quick email or call the office. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you.   |  704-845-1058